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Jackson smut (shitty repost from my GOT7inmyheart blog)


“What is it? Am I not experienced enough for you?” she cried out hysterically. She yanked herself from his grip and stood up.

“Fine! I’ll go fuck a couple of guys and then come back.. RIGHT? That will make me experienced” she shouted stomping towards the door. he flashed to his feet and grabbed…

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Jr scenarios : A really good morning


Admin Samhee here!
Here’s my first fic…I wrote it for Chan at first that’s why there the “bunny” nickname…. Chan’s my little Bunny
forever….my.bunny… ok that sounded creepy as hell… sorry…

« Good Morning Bunny… Wake up »

You woke up to the sweet sound of Jr’s deep morning voice… Since you…

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Jackson Scenario : Celebration


Here’s my second fic for this blog…. was asked by a lovely anon ^^

oh my… was it difficult to write it because…. well Jackson’s my GOT7 bias so… It didn’t really help…oh did you see the IGOT7 reference I did there *proud* I don’t find it to be good but I did my best

anyways ENJOY!

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JB scenario : Bad girl


So anon asked “how Jb would react if you were wearing really short shorts and a crop top at home and you two bumped into each other all the time”
and I kinda deleted it …. sorry

Yeah I think it’s that right? Sooo I’ll do a scenario for you, and once again I hope you forgive your super pabo…

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Mark scenario : Morning sex


Since lovely subscriber nikkolsalvatore asked for a Mark scenario (the other one is still in process actually I’m just lazy) here it is! I just woke up to this idea so yeah…


Admin Samhee

You woke up to such a lovely sight : a sleeping Mark

Your boyfriend

You still couldn’t…

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Jackson Scenario : "My Super Hero"


Hello~~ so last time a lovely anon asked a scene where : “ i’m wearing shorts and was walking on the street alone until a bunch of guys were hitting on me and then he arrived and then scolded me for wearing shorts?”

So here it is… I didn’t know how to finish it so I’ll leave the end to your…

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Yugyeom scenario: First time.... (oh god i' m definitely going to hell for this one)


For my annemariestar my constant sweet follower thank you for being such a big supporter! I love you <3 :* so your request was:

Can you guys maybe plz do one where.. I’m only a bit older than Yugi(like exactly two months xD) and it’s our first time having sex, but he’s a virgin and I’m not?…